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There are 2 different types of wings available for the Chrysler Crossfire. These types are not interchangeable between the Roadster and the Coupe models, because the angle is different as well as the base plate. It is, however, possible to mount an SRT-6 Coupe wing on a regular Coupe.


The regular wing on the Crossfire is an electronic motor driven wing that extends when you reach 60KPH.

The electronic motor is protected by a fuse under the hood, and can be manually controlled by the button next to the seat heating.


The SRT-6 wing (or "whale tail") is mounted on top of the place where the regular wing would've been, except with holes drilled in it. No electronics are available, the button on the center console is unused, and the fuse is unused as well. The wing is unable to move up or down.

Known issues

Leaking water in the trunk

Both Roadster and Coupe models have seen issues with the mounting of the wing on the base plate starting to come loose, or the rubber seal starts to deteriorate. Replacing this seal helps.

Cracks in legs

There's a high chance (higher on Coupe models) that the legs will get cracks near the flat part of the wing, due to the wing being heavy and closing the trunk applies a lot of force on the wing. Also, opening and closing the trunk by holding the wing is not recommended.