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Although there is plenty of space in the motor compartiment of the Chrysler Crossfire, Chrysler never released a Crossfire with a V8. The tuning company Startech did, however, make a V8, called the STARTECH Crossfire 6.1S. This Crossfire is equipped with a M113 engine, with a displacement of 6 liters, and only 2 were made supposedly.

If you want to swap your engine from the stock 3.2L M112 V6 (or the supercharged version of the SRT6) to a M113 V8, you need to make sure of a couple things. Big thanks to The Mercedes Swap Shop for providing information.

Component Recommended P/N Note
wire harness A230 540 59 06 (R230 SL500) The wire harness should fit the ME2.8. There should be only black ECU connectors, 3 of which latch, and 1 6-pin wide plug.
alternator - More power requires more power, get any M113 alternator
exhaust headers - You need to combine the Crossfire exhaust with a M113 exhaust manifold. Just weld the "front" two to the crossfire back two.
transmission A113 030 00 12 / A628 030 00 12 (even spaced)

A112 030 06 12 / A112 030 08 12 (uneven spaced)

The bolt pattern of the transmission was changed around 2004, so "new" crossfires need a different ring plate.

The bolt pattern is for the OLD one evenly spaced, whereas the NEW pattern has an offset between the two sides (and a side is where the extra hole is in).

stock ecu - You should modify your ME2.8.1 ECU from the Crossfire, by soldering on the missing drivers and running it with the right firmware.

This is the hardest part, and expect at least 8 hours of labour to do it right (keeping alarm etc working).

Contact The Mercedes Swap Shop for more information about this.

radiator top hose A202 501 59 82 Take one from the W202 C43.
radiator bottom hose (rad to waterpump) A220 501 04 82 (maybe)
radiator fan assy A202 505 42 55 (shroud)

A113 200 01 23 (mechanical fan)

A113 200 01 22 (mechanical fan clutch)

The stock radiator fan and plastic shroud is too deep. A full assembly with mechanical fan from a C43 (W202) should fit.
ac bracket - The AC needs a bracket, which is part of the driver side engine mount. Make sure you take this from a M113.
ac compressor to condenser hose A113 230 08 56 (CLK430 hose) The stock V6 engine is further back, so a shorter AC hose is required. This is a perfect fit!
coolant lines bracket A170 500 08 31 (SLK32) The SRT6/SLK32 uses a bracket to hold the coolant lines. You can use the same bracket for the V8 to prevent the hoses from running in the (mechanical) fan.

Experience with installing a V8

1999 W220 S500 113.960 (ME2.1)

  • The transmission output shaft yolk was bigger than the Crossfire driveshaft. The P/N of the flexdisk of the Crossfire is A 210 411 04 15, whereas the S500 was running the A 210 411 02 15. It was required to swap/replace the yolk from the old V6 transmission to the V8 transmission.
  • The engine is missing the (front) MAP sensor, that is located between the idler pulley and the Air Pump Switchover Solenoid. The bracket and hole exist for it, however.
  • The throttlebody on the engine was using an old-style connector, and a new throttlebody had to be used. Swapping the connector might be possible, but its not recommended.
  • The coilpacks on the V8 were a different generation, with P/N A 000 158 73 03. This would not fit the newer harness, and had to be swapped out for the V6 coilpacks + 2 new ones. The connectors seem they fit, but won't because of the blade width inside the coilpacks.
  • The alternator (P/N A 011 154 3202) did not use a plug for the 2 wires of the sense signal, and instead had 2 screw terminals (D+, B+) and a blade terminal (KL (15)). Cars fitted with a front SAM will use the KL line to identify if the alternator works. To fix this, you have to cut off the connector on the new wiring harness, and use only pin 1 of it, and run it to the D+ terminal. Another option is to buy a new alternator with the connector fitted.
  • The power cable running from the battery to the alternator and starter motor was too short and didn't fit the V8 alternator.
  • The A/C, powersteering, transmission oil cooler, all are longer than they should be and will have some issues fitting properly.

Startech 6.1

The Startech 6.1 was fitted with a 6.1 liter V8 (M118). Theres both a dual front fan (push), as well as a mechanical pull fan.


Correct (left) Engine Mount

P/N Note
A 112 223 43 04 SLK32 / SLK320 engine mount
A 113 223 00 04 CLK430 engine mount
A 113 223 02 04 220.075 (W220 S 500) engine mount (does not fit)
A 113 223 08 04
A1132230804 footnote.png

Electrical fan like the Startech V8

Dimensions of original fan: 12x50x64 (HxWxL, in CM), P/N A 202 505 40 55

(dimensions in CM)
P/N Height Width Length Info
A 202 505 40 55 12 50 64 Original XF part, SLK32, SLK320, CLK320
A 203 500 02 93 14 64 82 C55
A 220 500 00 93 21 62 81 CL500
A 220 500 02 93 14 64 82 SL63
A 203 500 10 93

A 203 506 09 99 (FCP Euro)

14 64 82 SLK 55, CLK 500, CLK55, CLK63, C55, CLK550
A 202 505 33 55 6 43 63 C43 / CLK430 push fans in front of radiator.

Fan A 001 500 12 93 and/or A 001 500 13 93

CLK 230 Kompressor (208.347)

Has a cutout in the bottom for air to go through.

This seems to be the best option, in combination with A2028300870 condenser

A 202 505 35 55 ? ? ? C 230 electric push fan (too small?)
A 202 505 02 55 ? ? ? C 36 AMG, looks very similar to 33 55, except no shroud on the sides/bottom, and completely hanging.

The V8 seems to be running the same setup as a CLK430: A mechanical fan, and dual push fans on front of the radiator.

P/N Info
A 202 505 33 55 Fan shroud (CLK430 / C43)
A 001 500 12 93 Blower Left (CLK430)
A 001 500 13 93 Blower Right (CLK430)

Exhaust headers

P/N Right (bank 1-4) P/N Left (bank 5-8) Cars Info Picture
A 113 140 02 09

A 113 140 14 09

A 113 140 03 09

A 113 140 13 09

R129 SL500 R129 exhaust sl500.jpg