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Cover for vacuum pump

A1708000135 (replaced by 0235)


Vacuum pump (CLP / SSM / Central Locking Pump)

A1708000848 (Coupe)

Retaining clip for interior filter


Blower regulator


Retaining clip for interior blower


Roadster hood release tool wrench


Rear interior panel clips (Coupe)


Seat relay


Seat adjuster

Can be used to make the passenger side a 6-way chair like driver side.

A1709102336 Left

A1709102436 Right

Seat height adjustment motor

A1708202042 for both left and right

Seat fore and aft adjustment motor


Seat angle adjustment motor


Seat spring

A1709190037 (2 per side)


Headlight indicator bulb holder


- URO Parts 63117159571

- "621546"

Outside temperature sensor


Windshield washer nozzle

A1708601747 / A1708601847

Gas / Fuel cap


Side skirts clips


Engine bay

Coolant reservoir

OEM N/A: A1705000349

OEM SRT6: A1705000549

Might fit for N/A: A1405000549

Hood/engine bay seal, on top of wiper cowl


Bottom skid plate


Oil filter

Mann Filter HU 718/5 x. Note: one o-ring will be *inside* the stem, on the op half.

Covers on the side of the engine

These hook into the bottom skid plate.

Left side (like roadster antenna location): A1705240230

Right side: A1705241030

Duovalve / water circulation valve for interior heating


Windshield washer water level


Cover for fog light

Left: A1708840122

Right: A1708840222

Oil filler cap


Water pump

A1122001301 SRT6

Belt tensioner


Idler pulley bolt

A1129900112 N/A

A1669900104 SRT6

Headlight rubber cover cap

Valeo 89001960

Rubber cap used to close hole near front shock strut, fan controller


Transmission oil cooler lines from/to radiator

SLK320 parts:

  • A1702700696 - On top of cooler to bottom/center
  • A2082700196 / A1702701196 - On bottom of cooler
  • N000000004051 - Banjo bolt into radiator
  • N007603014102 - Sealing ring 14x18 copper for banjo
  • N000000001045 - Clamp for oil line to radiator, oil pan
  • N304017006018 - Clamp bolt M6X12
  • A1269901152 - Clamp square nut
  • A2209971652 - Oil line right side of engine
  • A0199978482 - Oil line left side of engine
  • A2022702796 - Oil line right side of transmission
  • A2082700296 - Oil line left side of transmission
  • N000000004748 - Banjo bolt into transmission
  • A0002711160 - Sealing ring 14x18 for banjo into transmission

Transmission oil pan magnetic ring


Spark plug wires / ignition cables

From W220 wiki:

  • Spark plug ignition cables have a limited life. The resistance element in the cables often fails or goes high resistance due to fatigue.

Cable lead insulation can break down causing arcing to ground. The resistance for new plug wire is approximately 2.18K ohms.

  • It is possible to perform basic tests on an ignition coil using a digital multi meter (DMM). Each coil secondary resistance measured from the plug cable to any of the three pins in the input electrical connector is approximately 4.8 M Ω (Mega Ohms). The cable circuit is isolated from ground thus the resistance between the cable pin and ground is infinity Ohms or open circuit.

Ignition cables are in different lengths:

  • G-cable: 245mm - A1121500118 (45 EUR), BOSCH 0356912948 (Bosch EE948) (14 EUR) - M112 x8, M113 x9
  • K-cable: 265mm - A1121500218 (45 EUR), BOSCH 0356912950 (Bosch EE950) (14 EUR) - M112 x4, M113 x4
  • H-cable: 290mm - A1121500318 (56 EUR), BOSCH 0356912952 (Bosch EE952) (30 EUR) - M112 x0, M113 x2 (If H-cable is not available, a slightly longer L-cable can be used instead.)
  • L-cable: 315mm - A1121500418 (56 EUR), BOSCH 0356912954 (Bosch EE954) (32 EUR) - M112 x0, M113 x1

Ignition cable lengths for M112 (regular crossfire):

  • Cylinder 1, port a; K-cable
  • Cylinder 1, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 2, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 2, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 3, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 3, port b; K-cable
  • Cylinder 4, port a; K-cable
  • Cylinder 4, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 5, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 5, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 6, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 6, port b; K-cable

Ignition cable lengths for M113 (V8 swapped crossfires):

  • Cylinder 1, port a; L-cable
  • Cylinder 1, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 2, port a; H-cable
  • Cylinder 2, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 3, port a; K-cable
  • Cylinder 3, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 4, port a; K-cable
  • Cylinder 4, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 5, port a; H-cable
  • Cylinder 5, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 6, port a; K-cable
  • Cylinder 6, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 7, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 7, port b; G-cable
  • Cylinder 8, port a; G-cable
  • Cylinder 8, port b; K-cable

Cable kits:

  • Valeo 346141 (130 EUR)- M112
  • NGK 7800 (221 EUR) - M113
  • MAGNETI MARELLI 941318111285 (80 EUR) - M113

ABS module connector

First generation (4 big pins on top):

Second generation (mk25) (2 big pins on top, 2 big pins on bottom): 8-1355512-

Steering and braking

Front wheel hub

Both hubs are the same P/N

SLK32: A2103300325

Front wheel hub cap

SLK320: A2103570289

Steering knuckle


A2023300020 (LEFT)

A2023300120 (RIGHT)

Steering ball joint


Steering shock absorber


Front brake caliper retaining spring


Brake wear indicator


Brake bleeding screw protection cap


Brake disk securing screw/bolt

Threading: M6x15 (front, back), M8x12 (only at the back)


Brake booster travel sensor


Front sway bar / torsion bar

SLK320 or SLK32 part is required, as the smaller engine SLKs do not have a bend between the middle two rubbers.

SLK320 A1703230865

SLK32 (SRT6) A1703231165

Wiring / Electricity

Most modules use TE Connectivity AMP MQS (Micro Quadlock) pins and connectors. Other parts are from KOSTAL connectors.

Timer series connectors:

MQS connectors:

MQS Pins:
Kostal connector catalogue:

ECU / PCM connector



Most, if not all, pins use "Locking Lance" type pins, which have a small lip that locks it in place. You have to push this in to remove the pin from a connector or adapter.

Female, Lockling Lance, AWG18: 5-965906-1

Male, Locking Lance, AWG18: 5-965908-1

OBD2 connector


Auxilary fan controller to fan connector

A0315455528 (wiring harness side)

A0315455728 (fan side)

Auxilary fan controller connector


There should also be an equivalent FoMoCo part.

Lighted door sills

Aggregation of WIS pages:

  • Similar wiring as: az82.20-p-0001gx: Retrofit illuminated door sill molding, Model 164.8## 1# up to 6/30/09 except code 800 (Model year 2000) Installation of door sill molding, 2-fold
  • az82.20-p-0001-01a: Installing illuminated door sill molding. MODEL 129.###, 170.###, 202.###, 208.### 1#, 210.### 1# up to 30.6.99
  • az82.20-p-0001f: Retrofit illuminated door sill molding. Model 170.### 1# up to 025730 except code 800 (Model year 2000)
  • az82.20-p-0001fb: Retrofit illuminated door sill molding. Model 170.### 1# with code 800 (Model year 2000)