Mercedes to Chrysler part name mapping

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Mercedes Name Mercedes Internal Name Chrysler Name Description
Content cell K40 RCM

Relay Control Module

A module that controls circuits through relays, such as Traction Control, Engine Control, exhaust gas monitoring/control (EGR, catalyst sensors), Secondary Air Injection (SAI).

Note: relays and the solder can fail, causing any of the following malfunctions:

- Multiple trouble codes about O2 sensors

- Secondary Air Injection trouble codes

- No crank, no start. (Check Engine light also doesn't come on, no power to PCM)

- Traction control lights on or stay off (no power to ESP/BAS)

- No fuel pump power/pressure (fuel pump relay doesn't work)

- Intermittent Secondary Air Injection codes (bad solder)

Radio frequency DAS control module N54/3 SKREEM

Sentry Key REmote Entry Module

Key component in the car theft protection. Immobilizes the car, as well as tells the Central Locking Pump to unlock the doors, and the siren to go off if things arent OK

Wiring Diagram: pe80.57-p-2000-99ra


Multi-function Control Module

(basically first-generation SAM, or Signal Acquisition Module)

N10-3 BCM

Body Control Module

PSE control module A37 CLP

Central Locking Pump


Security System Module

This is the pump that drives the vacuum of the locks, but also monitors the state of the car and triggers alarm if something is awry.

This module also seems to include a Crash Sensor, to automatically open the doors 8 to 11 seconds after a crash is detected.

Note: can be flooded in the trunk, causing malfunction

ME-SFI [ME] control module N3/10 PCM

Powertrain Control Module

Also known as (Engine) ECU, ECM. Its the thing that makes your engine run.
Lock confirmation relay K54 Remote Keyless Entry Relay Makes the lights blink when the car is (un)locked
Transponder Coil L11 Transponder Coil Used by the SKREEM to read the transponder inside the key fob.
Data link connector X11/4 Data link connector The OBD2 connector under the dash.
Alarm Signal Horn with additional battery H3/1 Siren Battery-backed siren module.

Note: batteries can leak, causing malfunciton.

ATA [EDW] inclination sensor B33 Anti-theft Tow Sensor Notices if your car is being tilted
Light module N7-1 Illumination Control Module The module handling the Lights knob on the dash
Instrument Cluster A1 Instrument Cluster Where all the gauges are at.
Cycle module N65 Pulse Module Smaller variant of the K40/RCM, that is located under the driver side engine fuse box, which contains either 1 or 2 (SRT/AMG only) relays. The first relay, k2, controls the Starter (M1), and the second relay, k3, controls the Charge Air Cooler pump, that pumps coolant through the supercharger intercooler.


- If you control pin E.5 manually, you can turn the intercooler pump on or off at will. You might want to put a resistor between the original wire and ground to make the PCM think its controlling it.

- Putting power on pin B.2 should emulate putting the key in START.

- The single connector with the thick Violet/White wire controls the start motor solenoid.

Wiring Diagram: pe54.21-p-2100-99ra