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The Chrysler Crossfire has been fitted with a whole set of exterior lights.



Each headlight module is fitted with the following lights:

  • Highbeams: H7
  • Regular beams: H7
  • Blinker: ?
  • Corner light: 501


The foglights are not fitted on the Base model. However, they can be bought off ebay and then installed without issues.

The reflector cap on the lights can come off and are not easy to reapply. You might as well leave them off.

Automatic Headlights

The Crossfire is fitted with a Illumination Control Module that will not turn off the lights when the car is turned off.

However, you can change the wiring to instead be powering the module when the key is in ACC/RUN/START.

  1. Open up the hood and door
  2. Disconnect battery
  3. Get a wire from circuit E (Pink/Yellow wire), and run it towards the Illumination Control Module. AWG 12 recommended.
    1. (Clean, hard) Run a wire to Splice Block 102 underneath/behind the Underhood Accessory Fuse Block
    2. (Dirty, dangerous) Splice the Pink/Yellow wire from pin 2 of the Ignition Switch
    3. (Dirty, medium) Splice the Pink/Yellow wire from pin 4 of the Power Seat Relay (under the dashboard).
    4. (Dirty, easy, dangerous) Use a "Tap-A-Circuit" to tap off a fuse in the Underhood Accessory Fuse Block. The following fuses can be used (big enough wire): 5, 20, 30, 31, or 32. 31 is recommended, as that is for the glove box lamp and cigar lighter). Use a big fuse as this will be powering all lighting in the car.
  4. On the back of the Illumination Control Module pull connector E, and cut the RED cable (pin 1) enough so you can solder (or Wago clamp) a new wire on.
  5. Isolate the cut wire that went to the connector
  6. Connect the ran wire from under the hood to the cut wire on the connector, using a Wago clamp or soldering it.

Now, when you put back the battery connector, you should be able to keep the lighting switch to "on" and they'll automatically turn off when the key is in the OFF position.

Figuring out why the "Light out" warning light is on

The most common lights to go out (or have issues) are the little corner lights on the headlights, and the rear license plate lights.

If you keep having the issue of the warning light, you might be able to find out which side of your car gives the issue, by rotating the headlight dial to the left. There are 2 selections on the left side, which are for parking lights. You can select either the left or right side of your cars exterior lightning. This should help you with figuring out if its either side, and if not, it must be any of the other lights (regular beams, license plate lights, fog lights?)