Exterior colors

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What Color code Note
N/A 7-spoke rims Sparkle Silver / PAK / Motip "Silver wheel" 55207 / S4A Most likely the same as the interior trim, door handles, silver windshield trim.
Sapphire Silver Metallic Clear Coat (SSB) BS3
Graphite Metallic Clear Coat ZDR
Alabaster Clear Coat 960
Black Clear Coat 040
Blaze Red Crystal Pearl Coat ARH
SRT6 emblem red Motip 941400 Possibly the same as the Blaze Red color

Silver trim around windshield

- "Ford silver truck"

- BCC0338 radiant silver metallic (CA1, PA1)

- same as wheels?

SRT6 emblem: motip 941400

Color codes as explained in the manual