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Chrysler has implemented the Chrysler Crossfire modules into their DRB3 handheld. This handheld has been superceded by the DRB3 emulator, which is using the VCI Pod or the MicroPod2 for communicating with the car.


The emulator makes use of a module (either MicroPod 2 or VCI Pod) has been cloned by the Chinese, and is available from various sources.

One of such sources is OBD365: http://blog.obdii365.com/2019/07/24/how-to-install-drb3-emulator/

The following steps are based on using the USB based MicroPod 2 (clone).

Installing the software

1. wiTECH


  • Adobe AIR
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 45 (32-bit)
  • wiTECH Installer (either of these):
    • wiTECH_Install_17.04.27.exe (~791MiB, CRC32: 940BEFB0, SHA256: 8c48aceb94178232ef9100e3c22b9647413870a73f3bd9a160e63b7fa6e5e4b1)
    • wiTECH_Install_17.03.10.exe (~788MiB, CRC32: DC109151, SHA256: 6f2891cc301ed9cadff78392dd1b0fa69a6ff9f75beb1b01ca6eec8be715a34f)

Install Adobe Air and JRE 6 update 45 before installing wiTECH.

Patching wiTECH for use with other cars

Open start menu, enter notepad, right click it and open as administrator.

In Notepad, open "C:\Program Files (x86)\DCC Tools\wiTECH\client\app-config.xml"

Scroll down to "verificationHash", and change the first character in value="... to something else, like value="6f8.

Save the file.

Once you open wiTECH Diagnostics Application, you'll get license validation errors, but you can ignore those. The application will now be usable for other cars than the Crossfire.

2. DRB 3 emulator


Install DRb3 emulator setup, then DRB3 Enhanced Emulator setup. Stubs are downloaders.

3. Shortcut


Just place this on an accessible place

Launching the software

Plug in the MicroPod 2 into the car, and then connect it to your laptop (it needs a stable power source, and only USB does not seem to be enough, it might show "USB device not recognized" if its not powering up properly). The MicroPod should show green LED.

Your laptop should play a sound that a USB device is connected, and under Network Adapters, there should be a new adapter. The adapters IP address should be

To ensure everything works as expected, open up "wiTECH Diagnostic Application". When its done starting, it should display the MicroPod device as a device that has IP Address If not, try restarting your laptop and reconnecting.

Once everything is good, double-click the "Open DRB Emu" shortcut, or click here. This page will take a bit to load, and should eventually launch the DRB3 emulator (might be in the background, check taskbar).