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The Chrysler Crossfire is fitted with Cruise Control, and by moving the handle up/down/forward/backward, you can accelerate/decelerate/turn off/resume the cruise control.

Speed limiter

Cruise Control wiring, with the note "Valid for all except USA" on the Limiter button/function.

The Crossfire is not fitted with the speed limiter function. It is possible this is done because the SLK32 is neither fitted with this function in the USA market, and the Crossfire was targeting the USA market as its a Chrysler product.

The wiring diagram of the Speed Control function doesn't show anything related to the Limiter functionality.

However, the wiring on the ECU might be compatible with the speed limiter functionality. One would have to program the ECU to have a speed limiter function, as well as running a wire with a button from Fuse 10 to pin 21 on connector C4 on the ECU. The handle you can use is A2105400445.