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The Chrysler Crossfire has been shipped as a Roadster and as a Coupe. There are 4 different OEM variants available.\

As the model is built by Mercedes at the Karmann factory, all parts that are Crossfire "exclusive" start with "A 193 ...". Parts that come off a Mercedes SLK 320 (R170) are marked "A 170 ...", and there are plenty of these in the car as well. For engine parts, they are usually marked "A 112 ..." as these cars run off the Mercedes-Benz M112 engine.

Variant Roadster? Coupé? Differences
Base Yes Yes - Also known as Black Line, Base Line

- Only available in Black

- No fog lights

- Fabric chairs without heating

- Black door handles

- Black window trim

- Black speaker trims

- Black "side spears"

- Little storage box instead of cupholder in center console

- No Infinity Amplifier

- Naturally Aspirated M112 Mercedes-Benz engine

Limited Yes Yes - Most sold variant

- Naturally Aspirated M112 Mercedes-Benz engine

- Leather seats with heating

- Cupholder in center console

- Silver window trim

- Infinity Soundsystem/Amplifier

SRT-6 Yes Yes - Same features as the Limited

- Supercharged M112K Mercedes-Benz engine

- Fixed 'Whale Tail' spoiler

- Front lip has additional intake for intercooler radiator

- SRT-6 exclusive Ronan rims

- Alcantara/Leather seats with heating


Base SE

Yes No - Only available as Roadster

- Only available in Blaze Red Chrystal Pearl

- SRT-6 style rims, with gray/black accents

- No fog lights

- Fabric chairs without heating

- Black window trim


Startech is the like Brabus, a company that does visual and engine modifications as an aftermarket option. However, Startech is for American brands, such as Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. Startech has made a small set of modifications for the Chrysler Crossfire, most notably being the 6.1L V8 with 426 RHP. The customer was also able to only go for the cosmetic changes, like the stainless steel Startech sport exhaust.

Available Startech modifications
Name Modifications BHP Torque
Startech Monostar V Only available for Roadster

- Multi-spoke

- Front: 8.5Jx19 with Pirelli 225/35 ZR 19 tires

- Rear: 9.5Jx20 with Pirelli 255/30 ZR 20 tires

Startech Monostar IV Only on the 6.1 (S)

- Five-spoke

- Front: 8.5Jx19 with Pirelli 235/35 ZR 19 tires

- Rear: 9Jx20 with Pirelli 255/30 ZR 20 tires

Exhaust modification, "S" - Two high-performance metal catalysts

- Sport exhaust with front and rear muffler

n/a n/a
Interior modifications, only for Roadster and 6.1 (S) - Bi-color black and azure "Mastik" leather upholstery

- Silver carbon dashboard, center console, door panels, shift knob and emergency brake lever

- Ergonomically shaped Startech sport steering wheel with airbag

- Brushed stainless-steel sill plates with illuminated Startech logo

- Startech velour floormats

- Startech cargo cover with partition grill

- Startech telephone console with hands-free operation

- VDO Dayton MS 4200 RS navigation system

- Startech door lock pins

Exterior modifications - Startech Chrome mirror housings

- Startech Chrome strips on radiator grille

- Startech styled side gills

- Startech front spoiler

Roadster and 6.1 (S) only:

- Diffusers attached to the stock rear bumper

- Three-piece rear spoiler, with the center piece attached to the stock rear spoiler

Coupe only:

- Startech roof spoiler

Roadster only:

- Sport springs, lowering the car by 25mm

- Sport suspension

Performance package ST6 (S) 3.2L V6

- Two sport camshafts

- Special valve springs

Additionally available with exhaust modification "ST6 S".

- ST6: 233HP

- ST6 S: 243HP @ 5800 RPM

Startech 3.8 (S) 3.8L V6

- Custom crankshaft with longer stroke

- Precision-balanced piston rods

- Larger pistons

- Increased bore from 0.53cc/cyl to 0.63cc/cyl

- Precision-machined valve heads

- Custom camshafts

- Tuned ECU

Additionally available with exhaust modification "Startech 3.8 S".

- Startech 3.8: 280 HP

- Startech 3.8 S: 300 HP @ 5750 RPM

- Startech 3.8 S: 395 Nm
Startech 3.8S Enginebay
Startech 6.1 (S) 6.1L V8

- Sport suspension with gas-pressure shocks

- Progressive-rate springs

- Stronger sport sway bars

- Front brakes: Six-piston aluminum fixed calipers with 355-mm vented and cross-drilled discs

- Rear brakes: Four-piston aluminum fixed calipers with 300-mm discs

426 HP @ 5400 RPM 621 Nm @ 4100 RPM
Startech 6.1 engine bay