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The crossfire is fitted with a Becker radio, based on the Becker DTM High Speed. The speakers on the non-Base models are powered by an additional Infinity Amplifier.


MOST/D2B yellow connection cap

The radio itself seems to be based on the Becker Monza, and has all 3 connectors (A, B, C), although connector C is not used. Another spot for a MOST/D2B (Mercedes) connection can be found, but no fiber optics are installed (sometimes).

Some models do seem to include a MOST/D2B connection, as shown below.

The NAV model has an additional C/C button, that is used for the CD Changer, a function that was never shipped with the crossfire. You can find documentation about the CD changer and installation here : . However, there are other variants that have a DTM button instead.

DTM button on the far left (BE 6802)
A Becker radio without NAV option (BE 6806)
Radio with NAV and C/C button. Note the silver center piece.

The backside of the Becker radio
Radio with inverted display, seen on very early Chrysler Crossfires. (BE 6806, made in 2003)

Part numbers

The Becker "ZH 29" type might refer to the Chrysler naming of the Coupe model, ZH29.

Mercedes P/N Notes
A 193 820 00 86 (From SN 35002636)

BE 6806, Inverted screen, MOST cap, "Becker", DoM 19/03

(From SN 35006768)

BE 6806, Inverted screen, MOST cap, "Becker", DoM 27/03 (From SN 35018394)

BE 6806, Correct screen, MOST cap, "Becker"

A 193 820 03 86 (From SN 45002935)

BE 6811, NAV option with C/C button, MOST/D2B capped off (metal plate), "Harman/Becker", No black spot on the centered tab, DoM 22/04

A 193 820 04 86 (From SN 45065224)

BE 6806, no NAV, MOST/D2B, "Harman/Becker"

A 193 820 06 86 Late(st?) model, pulled from VIN 63677, no navigation, MOST/D2B connector.



"Power Amplifier A"
1 Blue

Left Door +

2 Blue / Brown

Left Door -

3 Blue / Brown

Left Rear/Sub -

- - 4 Brown


5 Blue / Dark Green

Enable signal to Amplifier

6 Yellow / Violet

Right Door -

7 Yellow

Right Door +

8 Blue

Left Rear/Sub +

9 Yellow / Violet

Right Rear/Sub -

10 Yellow

Right Rear/Sub +

11 Brown



"Power Amplifier B"
1 Red / Yellow

Fused B(+)

2 Red / Yellow

Power Top status signal

(Roadster only)

3 Dark Green / White

Wheel Speed sensor output

4 Black / Red

Left Rear Speaker Ground

- - 5 Blue / Red

Amplified Right Rear Speaker +

6 Pink

Amplified Left Rear Speaker +

7 Black / Pink

Amplified Right Door Speaker +

8 Black / Blue

Amplified Left Door Speaker +

9 Red / Yellow

Fused B(+)

10 - 11 - 12 Blue

Left Rear Speaker Supply Voltage

13 Red / Yellow

Right Rear Speaker Ground

14 Violet

Right Rear Speaker Supply Voltage

15 Black / Yellow

Amplified Right Rear Speaker -

16 Dark Green

Amplified Left Rear Speaker -

17 Brown / Yellow

Amplified Right Door Speaker -

18 Brown / Dark Green

Amplified Left Door Speaker -

4-channel configuration

As shown above, the amplifier does have 4 channels. However, the B connector on the Becker radio only wires the Front channels. Amplifier wiring.png

It is possible to pull 4 new wires for the rear speakers to the headunit, by cutting the following wires on the Power Amplifier A connector: 10 (RR+, yellow) 9 (RR-, yellow/violet) 8 (RL+, blue) 3 (RL-, blue/brown). Then, wire these to the radio on either RCA jacks or into the Radio B connector using "ISO radio connector pins".