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The key fobs can loose their synchronisation with the car, after the battery has been depleted for too long. When this happens, you will not be able to remotely lock or unlock the car.

The following steps will resync a key fob to the car:

  1. Sit in the driver seat
  2. Put the desynced key in the ignition
  3. Press either the lock or unlock button momentarily twice
  4. Start the car within 30 seconds of step 3

The key should now be able to lock and unlock the car remotely again.

Global/Selective Central Locking

When the key is setup for Global Central Locking, all doors, rear liftgate and fuel door will be opened all together in a single unlock action. If its set to Selective, it will only open the driver door, and after a second unlock action, the passenger door, rear liftgate, and fuel door will open.

Toggle between Global and Selective Central Locking

  1. Look at the red cover on the top of the key
  2. Hold the Lock and Unlock button for approx. 5 seconds, until the LED behid the red cover flashes twice
  3. The key is now configured in the other mode.
  4. Lock the car, and unlock again.
  5. Check if the Passenger door unlocked, and if so, the key is now in Selective mode. Unlocking again will now open the rest.

New Keys

You can order a working replacement key fob (with panic button, USA only) at the following website:

If you need to get them programmed, you can get in contact with any of the following parties:

Name Location Services Address
Mercedes Swap Shop Ridgecrest, CA 93555, USA New keys (flip and valet), full SKREEM reset Send In
S.O.S. Diagnostics Canby, OR 97013, USA New keys, full SKREEM reset Send in
Key for Cars Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands New keys On Location
Autoprog Hengelo, The Netherlands New keys On Location