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The Chrysler Crossfire has been equipped with the Bosch ME 2.8 ECU, which is used by the Mercedes R170 series cars, such as the SLK 320.

Part numbers

Part number Model
A 112 153 53 79
A 112 153 86 79
A 112 153 32 79
A 112 153 57 79
A 112 153 76 79


It is programmable over the OBD2 port, software such as Eurocharged EuroFlash tool. Other options is to open up the ECU and flash the EPROM directly. The flashing over OBD2 is a feature that is also utilized by the Mercedes STAR Diagnostics software, for updating the ECU.


The ECU is mainly the controller of the motor, such as managing the air-to-fuel ratios and ignition timing. Modifications on this software can include the following:

Modification Models Description Known tuners for the ECU
Pops and bangs SRT-6, N/A Changes timings on ignition to combust 'too late', causing the explosion to be partially in the exhaust. This is oftentimes programmed for when you decrease throttle. Eurocharged
Increase neutral/park rev limit SRT-6, N/A Crossfires lock the RPM of the engine, while not in drive/gear, to 4000 RPM. This limit can be increased in the software. ?
Supercharger/idler pulley modification SRT-6 A different Supercharger or idler pulley requires a different air-to-fuel ratio as the compressor will suck in more air. Additionally, it will also turn on faster because of the higher RPM. Eurocharged
Different air intakes SRT-6, N/A The stock airbox of the Crossfire on both SRT-6 and N/A are smaller than their bigger cousins, the C320 and the SL55. Giving the car more air helps already, but a tune would make better use of this change. Eurocharged
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