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The Data Link Connector is the connector that you use to read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) from the car, using a tester such as Bosch ESI[tronic], Mercedes Benz StarDiag, or DRB III. Its plug is the same as an OBD2 / J1962 connector.


OBD2 connector pinout

Below is the pinout of the Data Link Connector. The naming is taken from the Service Manual (SRT6).

OBD2 Pin OBD2 Name Circuit Connector Pin Name Attached Module
1 20BK/WT "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Body Control Module (BCM)

"SCI Transmit" from Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM)

2 J1850 Bus + - - -
3 20DG/YL "SCI Receive" "SCI Receive" from Powertrain Control Module (PCM / ECU / ECM)
4 Chassis Ground 18BR "Ground" -
5 Signal Ground 20BR/YL "Sensor Ground" "Sensor Ground" from Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor

"Sensor Ground" from Powertrain Control Module

6 CAN (J-2234) High - - -
7 ISO 9141-2 K-Line 22BL "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Powertrain Control Module
8 20RD/WT "Fused Ignition Switch Output" "Fused Ignition Switch Output" from Relay Control Module
9 22RD/YL "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Controller Antilock Brake (ESP / BAS)

"SCI Transmit" from Shift Lever Assembly (SLA)

10 J1850 Bus - - - -
11 22DG "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Transmission Control Module (TCM / TCU)
12 20BK/YL (ZH27) "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Power Top Control Module (PTCM)
13 20YL "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC)
14 CAN (J-2234) Low - - -
15 ISO 9141-2 L-Line 22BK/BL "SCI Transmit" "SCI Transmit" from Instrument Cluster (IC)

"SCI Transmit" from Universal Garage Door Opener / Tire Pressure Monitor

"SCI Transmit" from A/C Heater Control Module

16 Battery Power 18RD/DG Fused B(+)